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The dreams of a male dummy (7) Christmas Gratitude

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After Christmas dinner, our friends suggested that each of us share what we were most grateful for this year .

Mary said, “A couple of months ago, I was on the bus.  When it was approaching my stop, I stood up and walked toward the exit.  Suddenly, the bus stopped for a dog, and I slid and fell to the ground.  Thank God, I wasn’t injured at all!  I have been grateful since, and have been singing to myself, “It’s wonderful to be a Christian!  It’s wonderful to be helped by God! It’s wonderful to have God’s Grace, and to be with God!”

I picked up where she left off and said, “I’m grateful to God that I haven’t fallen at all this year.  I guess, God must know I’m not a Christian.  Since He won’t help a non-Christian, He hasn’t planned for me to fall.  He’s fair!  It’s wonderful to be or not to be a Christian! It’s wonderful to live in a fair world!  It’s wonderful …”

Bang!  Bang!  I was outside the bed. And, my beloved wife was shouting, “Wonderful! Wonderful!?  It’s miserable!  Miserable!  Miserable!”


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