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The dreams of a male dummy (22) Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill vs. Iceland Volcano Eruption

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Friend:  “The oil spill is pretty scaring, and is getting worse.”

I:          “How do you think it compares with the volcano eruption in Iceland?”

F:         “How can you compare?  One is man-made, and the other is natural.”

I:          “I’m talking about their impacts.”

F:         “I’m not an expert on either one.  What are your thoughts?”

I:          “Do you remember learning in middle school biology that, ‘Human beings will overpower Nature’?”

F:         “Oh, yeah!”

I:          “As you just said, the Gulf of Mexico oil spill is man-made, and the Iceland volcano eruption is Natural.”

F:         “…”

I:          “The impact of Gulf of Mexico oil spill will overpower the impact of Iceland volcano eruption!

Bang!  Bang!  I was outside the bed.  And, my beloved wife was screaming:

“All day, I’ve been overwhelmingly bombarded by the news on the environment, global climate change, or the like.  Now, you’re mumbling about the same things at night too?  Do you want me to have a nervous breakdown!?”


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