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The dreams of a male dummy (20) The Nuclear Security Summit?

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My beloved Wife: “Finally, we got some real progress on the Nuclear Power disarmament during the Nuclear Security Summit.”

I:          “What do you mean?”

W:       “Ukraine, Mexico, Chile, Kazakhstan, Vietnam and Canada agreed to dispose of hundreds of pounds of highly enriched uranium used in civilian facilities.  But, the big three didn’t agree to anything similar.  I guess sooner or later they will.”

I:          “I highly doubt that.”

W:       “Oh, really?  Now why do you say that, my wise husband?”

I:          “They’ll want to use nuclear weapons to force other countries to abandon their biological weapons or chemical weapons, etc. “

W:       “Well, I guess we’ll all die in a nuclear war.  But in the case of a biological or chemical war, some will survive.  If that’s the case, you better remember that you’re the head of this family.  You have to protect us.  You should die before us.”

I:         “Should I drink the water before I give it to you?”

Bang!  Bang!  I was outside the bed.  And, my beloved wife was screaming:

 “Who would drink the water after you touch it!?”


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