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The dreams of a male dummy (13) Rewarding those helping others who do bad things

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Friend:  "How did you like the Winter Olympic Games in Vancouver?"

I:          "It was good stuff.  But, I heard there were a bunch of young guys who were publically rewarded for their distribution of condoms & needles." 

F:         "What’s wrong with that?"

I:          "Don’t get me wrong.  It’s a good thing.  It’s good for the general public.  But, I’ve still been quite upset!"

F:         "So, what’s that mean?  You’re not a piece of the general public!?

I:          "You know, if something is LOGICALLY true, it likes a DIAMOND – you don't doubt and shouldn’t doubt its validity.  Apparently, the   distributed condoms and needles were used to reduce the consequences for those who did bad things.  In a sense, they helped those who do bad things.  So we’re saying that helping people doing bad things is a good thing?  Don't get me wrong; I think those young guys should be rewarded.  I’m upset because we have to swallow too much illogical stuff to get there." 

F:         "Let me give you a small piece of DIAMOND: Enjoy life!  Don't think too much!"

I:          "I know.  It’s because I thought too much, I married that woman!"


Bang! Bang! I was outside the bed. And, my beloved wife was Screaming: “What!? You married another woman!"



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